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March 25 2017


imagine how much crime Batman wouldn’t have to fight if he used his incredible wealth to support struggling communities and address the deeper social issues under capitalism that lead to so much petty crime in the first place and even the crimes of many of his major villains.

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March 24 2017

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A lot of people still confuse Austria and Australia, I hope that makes it clear.
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Camera shy parrot

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Last October, photographer Johannes Holzer braved the winter cold to setup a series of long-exposure shots along the the Isar, a river in Southern Germany. To accomplish the eye-popping view of the Milky Way, a mountainous landscape, and the murky depths of the river he relied on two cameras to shoot three photos from roughly the same perspective, stitched together here in a final image. Holzer says the photo “was done with two cameras, [the] sky with a Sony A7r and Vixen Polarie Startracker, one additional shot for the landscape without [a] Startracker, [and] underwater was done with a Canon 5Dm2 with an EWA Underwater case.”
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A penny for your thoughts... Lol
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Marteria - Aliens feat. Teutilla (Official Video)
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