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July 17 2018

awwww-cute: Baby giraffe born on July 10th gets a kiss from his momma

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July 16 2018

I said some of these companies might be a net good for humanity, but again, selling stuff does not make anyone some great philantrophic hero.
Especially if you're a union-busting, republican-Super-PAC-financing asshole while doing it.

If that dude wasn't so rich, there would be more people in the world that weren't dependant on charitable rich people.

Like, sorry, nobody decides to have a billion dollars and is a good person. Nobody gets there through hard work. Every single billionaire in this world is a person who lived their life always exploiting others.

July 15 2018

Oh sure, all a net gain for humanity, and all very conveniently very profitable. Sorry for not singing praises to a person for wanting to be even richer. Like, Bill Gates at least has a lot of exclusively non-profit humanitarian efforts running. That guy literally spent billions to wash his hands of sin. Don't really see musk doing that anywhere. Worse, he's getting pissy whenever points it out.
No, of course not, to be a sleek bullshitter you would need to know you're kinda a bad person. That guy thinks he's being a good person, and that's even worse than a sleek bullshitter.
Well his company still exists and he still makes oodles of money, so lol no, absolutely still a super villain. He's just better at having a human face than Lex Luthor.
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Lately I have had a minor obsession with scouring YouTube for glimpses of the magnificent Cheshire Cat from the Royal Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland. Most of the above gifs come from here but the top one comes from here. You can also see the cat going to pieces here.

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when a meme has had enough

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